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Red Washburn, Ph.D.
Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
Department of English
Women’s and Gender Studies Program
2001 Oriental Boulevard, Room F-115
Brooklyn, New York 11235


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Dissertation Abstract

My dissertation explores women’s contributions to the anti-colonial civil rights movements of the United States and Northern Ireland from the late 1960s to the late 1990s. I connect the work of Black American and Northern Irish revolutionary women leaders and writers by examining their leadership roles, individual voices, and cultural productions. My project analyses political communiqués and petitions, news coverage, prison files, governmental files, personal letters, poetry and short prose, and memoirs of revolutionary Black American and Northern Irish women, all of whom were targeted, arrested, and imprisoned for their political activities. I highlight the personal correspondence, auto/biographical narratives, and poetry of the following key leaders and writers: Angela Y. Davis and Bernadette Devlin McAliskey; Assata Shakur and Margaretta D’Arcy; Ericka Huggins and Roseleen Walsh; Afeni Shakur-Davis, Joan Bird, Safiya Bukhari, and Martina Anderson, Ella O’Dwyer, and Mairéad Farrell. These women address similar themes in their work either through direct communication (i.e., political communiqués and personal correspondence) and/or indirect expression (i.e., news coverage and auto/biographical responses to it). I document moments of transatlantic solidarity among them. My project also draws on interviews with selected writers for supplemental data in interpreting their personal histories and writings. My dissertation is concerned with tracing and analyzing the politics and prose and poetry of Black American and Northern Irish women. I use their work as a source of data and an object of analysis.

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